About Me - A Brief History

Lets start by stealing part of the title of Stephen Hawkins book, that everyone bought but no one read, bit like what this blog might be like.

"A Brief History of Me"

Well from my first gasping breath to my current excited, happy breath, I take while writing this, its been a long an bumpy ride. From the birth in 1955 in East London to now living in Great Yarmouth, I have been homeless (yes on the streets), to finding lost brothers, losing some of my children (as in not dead, as in taken away), getting married, becoming widowed, full time carer to my mum for years, being alone for years, breast cancer, finding a man, falling in love and finding my feet with him at 53.
All the above is not all in the right order, and it was a rather long sentence. This hopefully will give you an overview of my life. Yes not posh, yes not rich, yes seen the UK from the pavement. I hope to provide incite in this for a start.
Well that's my starting post, got lots more to say on all different subjects if and only if you lot are interested. I have spent to may years 'flogging a dead horse' so please give me support to let me find the energy to carry on.

Phyllis xx 
If you found this little effort not from twitter then I am at @phyllgerry